Main Character Show

We interview the central figures in the plot(s).

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About the show

Conversations with the people who make it happen.
The characters with stories to tell.
The change-makers that twist the plot around them.

  • Designed for those who challenge boundaries
  • Created by people who think outside of the box
  • New episodes 2x a week
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Incredible stories

From selling a hundred million dollar business to escaping a cult we tell the stories of taking action in life.

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Quit his job when he was 27 and his wife was pregnant with twins, went on to build and sell a 20 million dollar buisness an 80 million dollar business.

Kelly Conway, Entrepreneur
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Grew up in a religious cult, and she escaped.

Eleah Miller, Designer and Operator
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A solo podcast, while alone in Ibiza. A reflection on social confidence.

Zan Bennett, Podcast Host
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The art of friendship.

Zan Bennett, Podcast Host
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How to scale a business.

Zan Bennett, Podcast Host
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Left college, moved to Europe, started a business and took over Lisbon.

Daniel Schoester, Entrepreneur

About the hosts

Zan Bennett is at best a change-maker and at worst a non-conformist. He's lived in 6 continents, swam with sharks and partnered with companies to drive hundreds of millions of dollars of growth. He likes to salsa, host dinner parties, and buy last minute flights. You might just find him plotting a route on a volcano map while on the patio at Terry Blacks in Austin, Texas.

Daniel Avnieli is both a creative force and a savvy entrepreneur. Having raised millions of dollars, devoured countless acclaimed books, and mastered the art of tying a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue, he's turned his attention to conquring the human mind. He likes to meditate, take cold showers and do hot yoga. You might just find him at a mafia-style Italian restaurant in Brooklyn (if you're lucky).

Zan Bennett and Daniel Avnieli

Ants out of line.

On a mission to tell the stories of the people who live incredible lives, and through osmosis, learn how to live better, and with any luck inspire an audience to do so too.