The plot thickens

This is the moment is all starts. You just type in a few little things right here. Then, before you press Send Message.. take a breath. Look around. Remember this moment. Because, this -my friend, is where it all starts.

Reminder: we are all the main character of our own lives. This is a show about the art of agency. If you, or someone you know, has a great story about doing the thing when wasn't so easy, and building a life for yourself, then get in touch.

Sometimes main characters are billionaires, and sometimes they are single moms raising 4 kids in Brooklyn while working two jobs.

We are passionate about the very thing that makes us human. That unrelenting drive to figure it all out.

- Zan and Daniel

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Things we get asked a lot

Are you open to paid sponsorships?

We value authenticity and only promote products and services we truly believe in. If you think what you offer aligns with our values, feel free to reach out.

I haven’t received a response to my message, did you get it?

Absolutely, we receive a massive number of messages and while it’s challenging to respond to all, our team ensures every message is read. We cherish our community and draw daily inspiration from your stories.

Am I a good fit for the podcast?

You might be. Help us figure it out by emailing us a little about yourself. Bullets are fine. Don't be humble. There is no way we can get everyone who deserves to be on, so if we don't schedule a podcast that doesn't mean you are not a good fit, it just means we time is our greatest constraint.

Are you open for new podcast guests?

Yes. We usually shoot 2-3 seasons in advance. So bare with us if it takes time to respond.

When is the upcoming annual event?

2024 will be the first year we are hosting two events. Costa Rica in May and a surprise location in September. These are invite only for now. We plan to open events up to a broader audience in 2025.

How can I support the podcast?

Support means everything to us! The best ways to help are by subscribing, sharing episodes with friends, and leaving a rating or review on your preferred podcast platform.